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Printing at home for the first time

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

This week I took (what felt like!) a huge step in buying a screen, some inks and a squeegee to start my own small studio space from home. I’ve been printing on and off for years at Leeds College of Art and I’m finally ready to set up a studio space myself. I bought the equipment from Hunt the Moon and they came the next day! I’d coated the screen and got my design ready this week in the studio so this weekend was all about trying out my new screen!

As I’m not set up with everything official so far I started out with a spatula from the kitchen and the top of my chest of drawers. I was surprisingly happy with the results and went for a gradient effect for my constellation print. I’m not 100% on the colours (I think a blue instead of the green would have worked better) but I’m happy with how they turned out.

My next step is buying some screen printing hinges and a cheap workbench to drill them into. I’m impressed with the wooden screen but think for only a little more money (£35 vs £48) a metal screen would have been better as they are easier to clear and the mesh seems more sturdy against the frame!

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