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Getting more equipment!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

After trying out the new screen last weekend I put an order in with Seawhites for some more equipment. I had to bulk order (as they usually supply schools with large art supply cupboards!) so I ended up getting a lot of paints, paper and newsprint. The paper is great quality and I'm really happy with it. Recently the paper in the Leeds College of Art studio has been a little thin and has caused the paper to ripple a little with the heavy ink - but this paper is perfect!

I've enjoyed testing our paint colours too this weekend. I love bright colours so these acrylic paints are perfect! I've done a lot of research and I know a lot of printmakers use pre-mixed inks - however, I've been following the same mixing rules with acrylic printing medium and these Seawhites paints mix perfectly.

I bought some aluminium screens from a shop on Ebay (the ones in yellow on the picture above) and I'm so happy with them! Watch this space for more blog posts as the equipment collection grows.

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