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Naming the business: Ink & Bear

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I’ve been screen printing for over 10 years and recently I’ve taken the step to set up as a business. One of the hardest things to come up with was the name! I was stuck on the name and wanted to think of something that was memorable but didn’t involve my personal name. I started thinking about the designs I've been making over the past few years and how I could combine key words around printing together with these. Designs have come and gone over time and the one that’s stuck around is my constellation print – it’s been in a few different guises since its first print in 2013 but has grown over the years. Here’s a shot of the first one I made 4 years ago and a couple I’ve made recently.

From this I got to thinking about the different types of constellations and the ‘Great Bear’ jumped out at me straight away – a few hours of playing around on Adobe Illustrator lead to me creating the Bear (below). I printed him recently for the first time in the studio; it was great to get him off the digital screen and on paper. Here's a picture of the first layer being printed in the studio.

With a little tweaking the bear translated easily into my brand new logo! The very first version is to the left and with a little help from Donut Press (thanks Steph!) on the typography and I’m ready to go with a new business name and a new logo.

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