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Travel: Scarborough

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Being from Hull originally, I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Scarborough in North Yorkshire but, with my camera in hand, I’ve started seeing it in a different light on recent visits. Scarborough has some beautiful, colourful parts which, helped by sunshine, made for the perfect visit. We stayed overnight in May and I wanted to share some of the trip with you. Scarborough often gets a bad reputation (especially next to its more beautiful, quirky neighbour, Whitby) but I think it’s got a special charm.

We stayed in one of the beautiful hotels overlooking the coast – Martin, the owner at the Greno Hotel, was a delight and the view was incredible. Whenever I stay away from home I wake up through the night – normally this is annoying but on this trip it was great to see the sunrise – just look at that view!

View from the hotel

We started our trip by taking a walk down to the colourful beach huts. I’ve never been down to visit them before – it’s like being transported to a different place and they stretch the full length of the bay. We followed this with a stroll with an ice cream down the sea front. I love walking along Scarborough seafront as there are so many things to see and lots of noises and smells. I really enjoyed the combo of colour and typography on the old buildings.

Beach Huts

Beach Huts

Scarborough Cafe

I thoroughly recommend taking the open air bus (on a nice day!) from the beach huts, along the coast to the Spa at the other end. Scarborough Spa is one of my favourite photo spots and it was a pleasure to revisit after the 4-layer colour separation print I made a few years back (I've added an old photo below!).

If you’ve not been to Scarborough, or still have the idea that it’s not as good as other seaside towns, I recommend grabbing an pal and a camera and taking the trip out to North Yorkshire.

Scarborough Spa

Scarborough Print

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