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Blogtacular: Chelsea Photo Walk

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

It's Monday after my first ever Blogtacular this weekend and I'm feeling a combination of really inspired and sad that it's all over! I first found out about Blogtacular through my friend, and fellow creative buddy, Sarah from Geo Heaven. It's been such a wonderful weekend and a great chance to meet other creative people and learn more about marketing and creating a small business! My thanks go out to Kat and Kelly from the Blogtacular team who made it all run so smoothly. I'd highly recommend next year's for anyone who runs (or is thinking of running) a creative business.

I started off the weekend on a sunny Friday afternoon getting to know lots of people on a photo walk around Chelsea and Belgravia led by Kristabel; as I spent most of the day at Blogtacular meeting people, scribbling notes and listening to talks, this is a lot more visually interesting!

Photo walks are a great way to get to know new people - there were about 30 of us on our walk around the beautiful streets of Chelsea and Belgravia. Here are a few snaps from our walk.

I love taking photos and was envious of the other Blogtacular photo walk going on over in Shoreditch (is it possible to be in two places at once?!). I love graffiti, street art and street stickers so was excited looking at all of the lovely pictures coming through! Luckily we had spare time on Sunday so headed over to check out some of the colourful spots. Watch this space for a blog on this walk too.

Fancy taking part in a photo walk in your area? Head over to In Colourful Company to see if there are any coming up. They're not run by the same people but they have a similar feel and I really recommend it as a way to meet new people who are interested in creative things!

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