New studio and new prints!

Over the past few months I've been busy setting up my new studio space in the loft and it's finally finished! I'll be posting about setting up a space on a shoestring budget soon, but in the meantime here's my printing bench lined up with a brand new screen design. Last weekend I found an afternoon to try out some new prints - I always love trying out a new design and new colours! Here are a few shots of the process behind the new print.

I started out by picking some new colours, including a new mint green from Pick Pretty Paints. Normally I mix all my own inks with printing medium and acrylic but this time I fell in love with their mint screen printing ink. Just look at that colour!

After I'd picked some colours to blend (known as a 'split fountain' in printmaking) I lined them up on the screen and started to print using a squeegee (see my wooden squeegee below!). It takes a while to get the right colour mix so after printing lots onto thin newsprint first I finally got around to creating a new set of ten A4 prints. These will be available in my online shop that I'm launching late next month!

#Printmaking #Screenprint