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Throwback Thursday: Doodles

Next up in my throwback Thursday series is taking a look at some of the doodles I used to spend HOURS drawing when I was a teenager! I headed to my parents' house last week and they still have them up on the wall - I drew so many of these when I was younger and my Mum has picked a few to hang together.

I was (and still am!) super inspired by David Hockney and was really influenced by all the pictures my Mum and Dad had up around the house growing up - here's an example of one of the pictures we had on our kitchen wall.

I was really inspired by the shapes and colours Hockney used in his work. When I was 16 I visited Japan with my Dad and became obsessed with origami - here's a little crane that combined my love of doodling and origami. I made this 14 years ago and wrote a message inside for my Mum - till this day she hasn't opened it in case she can't get the crane shape back!

This pattern below is a set of cards inspired by Japan too before they were cut up. I can't remember what the other side looks like but there's a laminated pack of cards somewhere!

These little guys below are called 'Noz' creatures and I made a lot of these when I was in my late teens/early twenties. They're made to fit in the palm of your hand and I've probably made about 300+ of these in my life (including a series of 100 for our wedding a few years back as favours!). More on this next Thursday... watch this space!

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