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The Making of: Olive Tree Print

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Sometimes a new design jumps out at me and sometimes I spend quite a bit of time thinking about what it’s going to look like. In the case of the tree trunk it’s been quite a few years in the making. Here's a shot of the final piece of work.

This tree trunk started out over 3 years ago when I started off looking for the perfect tree trunk as inspiration. Every time we went on a trip I would look out for tree trunks as I had the idea I'd like to do a print inspired by one but they didn't quite impress me enough... here's one from Bolton Abbey and one from our local park in Horsforth, Leeds.

I stumbled across the best source of inspiration on a very warm day in Crete. Luckily I was with my Mum who is incredibly resourceful and suggested I make a tree rubbing with wax crayons (all those years of my Mum being a primary school teacher kicked in!). We found an art shop in a small village and I was amazed to find they had very large tracing paper and wax crayons.

We took a rubbing of the tree trunk quickly before the crayons melted and I drew the tree trunk out on the way home to sketch out the design. Once I got home I scanned the drawing in and turned the tree trunk into a digital drawing with my new Wacom. I love drawing but I love the smooth lines of the Wacom more!

After popping the image onto a screen the tree trunk was ready to print! I tried it out in a few different colours on the screen printing bed (below) – I love the gold on black but I’m a fan of simple things so my favourite is the dark green on white. I've popped this up in our home in with my plant themed bedroom - these are now available in my shop if you fancy owning one yourself!

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