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Ink & Bear's First Stall

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Last Saturday I took a big step and ran my first stall selling screen printed goods. I've been visiting the Northern Craft fairs in Leeds for the past year and have really enjoyed them, so when they announced that they were running a print fair I applied (and got in!). A big thank you to anyone who came down and looked at my work! 

The fair was at Duke Studios/Sheaf Street Cafeteria and I was really happy to be selling alongside 30 other printmakers - many who I've been ogling for years!  I managed to rope in the wonderful Sarah from Geo Heaven who helped out on my stall - Sarah makes the most incredible 3D geometric jewellery (you can find her lovely stuff here). 

Duke Studios was busy with people popping in and out for lunch and it's amazing how quick 6 hours can go by when you're busy chatting to people! I really enjoyed meeting lots of people (both makers and people buying) and it was lovely to be able to chat to people about screen printing and how the process works. 

I'd really recommend the Northern Craft fair guys for anyone looking to host a first stall - or seasoned exhibitors too! There was a really nice buzz and Sean and Carley are really supportive. 

Here are a few close up shots of the stall. Watch this space for future stalls!

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