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Travel: Dublin Botanical Gardens

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Earlier this month we headed over to Dublin for a couple of days to visit for the first time and enjoy a pint (or three!) of Guinness. Being January we were convinced it would rain the whole time we were visiting but we were really lucky to find these blue skies when we stepped off the plane at 7.30 in the morning!

I'm a big fan of plants and find greenhouses really inspiring, so was delighted to find this beautiful botanical gardens tucked away to the North of the city. It's about 40 minutes walk (or less than 10 minutes in a cab). The gardens were much bigger than we'd expected with three HUGE greenhouses to wander around.

Inside there were lots of different zones, my favourite was a huge tropical zone in the main greenhouse - unfortunately most of my pictures in there were very steamy as there was so much humidity!

We were a little limited to the greenhouses as the weather was so cold, but it definitely looked worth a visit in the summer, with nearly 20 hectares to explore. The greenhouses date back to 1862 and feel like setting back in time. Here are some photos from our trip - I'd highly recommend a visit!

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